7 Winners and 4 Losers from Ravens 29-28 loss to Washington

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders
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Ben Cleveland
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Loser: OL Ben Cleveland

Nobody should be surprised about this. The writing has been on the wall for more than a few weeks now, and the Ravens will confirm the cut by the time next Monday comes to an end.

We presumed Cleveland would be the main starter at LG for the 2023 season, but after a mediocre training camp and the superb efforts put together by John Simpson and rookie Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu, the odds he ends up even getting named into the final roster are slim to none.

Last week, against the Eagles, rookie Jalen Carter absolutely destroyed Cleveland in the first snap every played by the freshman. On Monday, even though Cleveland was featuring on the Ravens line when RB Keaton Mitchell completed his 31-yard rush, he did nothing to block the rookie's way forward.

You can check the little clip above and watch for yourself. "Not great blocking upfront," were the words.

The Ravens have seemed to be determined to give Cleveland as many chances as possible, even moving him all across the LOS and using him in all possible roles and positions. Nothing has worked, so it's time to move on.