8 awesome stats and facts Ravens fans will love to know ahead of Week 7 vs. Lions

Baltimore Ravens v Detroit Lions
Baltimore Ravens v Detroit Lions / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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This weekend, the Baltimore Ravens (4-2) and the Detroit Lions (5-1) will play a game inside M&T Bank Stadium, something that has not happened in nearly a month as the Flock has been playing games on the road for the past three weeks earning a 2-1 record and even visiting the wonderful land of London.

With the Ravens coming off a game in London, the expectation was for them to have a Bye week. No luck! The NFL handed Baltimore a late week off so for now the Flock will keep playing every Sunday, starting this weekend by hosting the scary Lions, who kicked their year off with a beating of reigning champ Kansas City.

For those of you attending the game or watching with your mates at home or elsewhere, you know you'll need to come packed full of information so you have an answer for every possible question that gets thrown your way through the day.

Here are a handful of facts and stats every Ravens fan should know ahead of Sunday's matchup. Hurry up, because you're running out of time to memorize these golden nuggets!