8 awesome stats and facts Ravens fans will love to know ahead of Week 7 vs. Lions

Baltimore Ravens v Detroit Lions
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Lamar Jackson is 15-1 against NFC teams and 7-0 at home

Talk about domination, folks.

Jackson is an absolute tamer of Lions and all other NFC foes, for that matter. The Ravens quarterback has a perfect 7-0 record when facing teams from the other conference at M&T Bank and his tally cannot be better, already approaching a massive double-digit number.

The .938 winning percentage put together by Jackson against NFC foes is the the best for any quarterback against the opposing conference since 1970.

Jackson has completed 275 passes for 3,008 yards throwing 25 touchdowns against just 7 interceptions. He's also rushed for 1,383 yards on 203 carries throughout his career to date in games gainst NFC teams.