8 awesome stats and facts Ravens fans will love to know ahead of Week 7 vs. Lions

Baltimore Ravens v Detroit Lions
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The Ravens defense ranks second in the NFL

Baltimore's defense, even having to navigate an endless string of injuries through the first six games of the season, has put together one of the best starts to the campaign across the NFL. The second-best of all, in fact.

The Ravens are allowing only 97.7 rushing yards per game (10th-best) and 163.3 yards per pass (2nd-best). Putting both figures together yields the second-lowest combined stat among all teams through the first six games of the year.

On top of that, the Ravens are tied for the league lead in the sacks category with each franchise having completed 24 sacks in the first six games for an average of four per contest.

The Ravens have been stout on red-zone defensive actions, allowing just a touchdown every four attempts inside the RZ by opposing teams, the second-best mark in NFL entering Week 7.