9 things the Ravens MUST keep doing to win the Super Bowl in 2023

Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens
Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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7. Geno Stone keeps intercepting passes on a weekly basis

You would have never named Stone as the leader of the Baltimore Ravens secondary just four weeks ago, would you? Well, after Sunday's 38-6 win over the Lions you will need to call him that and also the leader of the NFL in the interceptions department. For real.

Stone picked Jared Goff on Sunday for the fourth interception of his 2023 campaign. Stone, also, was not even remotely close to being the no.1 safety in the Ravens depth chart released by the end of August, let alone at the start of training camp when all Ravens were healthy and ready to go.

This man is a miracle and a walking wonder. Of course, the interception came in a play in which Goff and wide receiver Jameson Williams couldn't quite align their plans, but that doesn't take anything from Geno's monster efforts through the first seven games of the season, including Sunday.

"The game turned into a passing game, and I liked that because the rush was getting there, and it flustered [Goff]," Stone said after the game. "In a situation like that, for me, I like that because he was overthrowing the ball and that is an opportunity for takeaways."

Stone now leads the league with four interceptions in seven games. All by himself. Nobody else has more than three. No, no other player in the NFL has picked off opposing quarterbacks as many times as the Ravens' backup safety has. There's that.