9 winners, 4 losers from Baltimore Ravens Week 2 win over the Bengals

In Week 2 of the 2023 season, the Baltimore Ravens (2-0) visited the Cincinnati Bengals (0-2) and defeated their foes 27-24 to take possession of the no. 1 spot in the AFC North. Here are 2,700 words touching on the winners and losers from Sunday's game.
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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Losers: The Bengals and QB Joe Burrow

That's facts.

The Bengals are 0-2 and facing very long odds of qualifying for the postseason when all is said and done next January. Seriously. They did last season, yes, but it'd take a miracle for an encore.

Cincinnati hosted Baltimore on Sunday hoping to get their third win in a row against the Ravens but they end up eating sour and cold crow.

After getting paid one day before the season opener and becoming the richest NFL player alive, QB Joe Burrow put up a stinker in Week 1... and followed that up with another mediocre-at-best outing in Week 2. He completed 27 passes, yes, and reached 222 yards, of course, but he couldn't lead the Bengals to the first W of their horrible 2023 season.

Burrow threw an interception, couldn't make anything of having Ja'Marr Chase on the field, kept the ball away from teammate RB Joe Mixon most of the time damaging his team's chances of winning, and got sacked once.

Ruthless Ravens: "Revenge is best served as a cold dish". dark. Next. Ruthless Ravens: "Revenge is best served as a cold dish"

Two games into the season the Bengals are 0-2, are paying the most money in the league to a winless quarterback, and said man has gone 41-of-72 for 304 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. Yikes.

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