3 advanced Lamar Jackson stats to know after Baltimore Ravens week one win

Lamar Jackson did not look great under pressure in the win over the Texans
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Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Lamar Jackson took too many sacks for the Baltimore Ravens

We noted that Lamar Jackson was struggling under pressure. This was not just passing the football. He also took far too many sacks. Jackson took four sacks on Sunday. It is easy to blame the offensive line, and they did struggle in this game. However, Jackson had to play better as well.

Jackson took a sack on 33.3% of the snaps when he faced pressure. That is a rough rate. For his career, his pressure-to-sack rate is just 20.2%. Last year, it was 20.9%, and his career high was 23.2%, and that was his rookie season. Overall, Jackson takes sacks, but he can avoid them more than he did on Sunday.

This typically would be passed off due to a small sample size, but it is in conjecture with Jackson having one of his worst games passing under pressure as well. Was Demeco Ryans confusing him? Were the new skill players causing him to pause under pressure, or is this going to become an issue for Lamar Jackson?