3 advanced Lamar Jackson stats to know after Baltimore Ravens week one win

Lamar Jackson did not look great under pressure in the win over the Texans

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Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Lamar Jackson was throwing shorter and getting the ball out quicker for the Baltimore Ravens

We are not sure if this will be a theme going forward, but it is notable that Jackson had some of the lowest average depth of target as well as his quickest time to throw in his career. He had a depth of target of 5.1 yards. For his career, that number is 9.4, and last year that was 9.2. His career low was 8.9 as a rookie.

This is a small sample, but it is funny to note because we all assumed that Todd Monken would bring downfield passing to this offense, and now Jackson is throwing three full yards shorter on average. Also, his average time to throw was 2.87 seconds.

For his career, that number is 3.1, and last year he was at 3.11. His lowest rate was 3.06 in a season, and he does not often get the ball out under three seconds. That is what you get with Jackson, who can hold the ball, extend plays, and make things happen with his legs. That did not happen as much.

However, Jackson did scramble four times, a 13% rate. Last year, he scrambled just 6% of the time, and his career high was 11% as a rookie. So, the plan on Sunday was to either get the ball out quickly or get moving with a scramble. Often, this led to sacks, which may be why Monken dialed the passes to being so close to the line of scrimmage.

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There are no breathtaking takeaways but rather interesting notes to make and questions to see if we get any trends moving forward.