3 AFC Teams the Baltimore Ravens would like to avoid in the playoffs

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The Baltimore Ravens are the best team in the NFL. Blowing out the San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins was a clear indication that this team has a chance to make a run to the Super Bowl in dominating fashion. While there is not a team in the NFL that should scare the Ravens, the point of having the number one seed should mean the easiest path through the playoffs. That is what you play for. 

The one seed gets to play the worst seed, which should be the easiest matchup, and that continues every round, so the seeds right behind them have a tougher road as well. When it comes to the Ravens rooting interests, which of the playoff teams would they love to see out of the way, giving the Ravens an easy path to the playoffs?

3. Can the Baltimore Ravens avoid the Cleveland Browns in the playoffs

Again, this is not to say that the Ravens are afraid or could not beat the Cleveland Browns. However, if you have to list the wild card teams such as Miami, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Houston, or Jacksonville, the Ravens would choose any of those teams over someone like the Cleveland Browns.

First, the Browns have already beaten the Ravens. They did it with Deshaun Watson, but right now, Joe Flacco has been playing better than Watson. That is the other thing: the Ravens do not want Joe Flacco coming into this old stomping ground, playing his best football, getting into that playoff mode, and giving his old team a hard time. 

Division games are always tough, and after splitting in the regular season, the Ravens do not need to see the Browns a third time with a new quarterback and momentum brewing, The Browns will play a road playoff game against the AFC South champion in most scenarios. Ravens fans should be rooting for the home team in that game.