3 AFC Teams the Baltimore Ravens would like to avoid in the playoffs

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2. Will the Baltimore Ravens miss Patrick Mahomes this year?

Of course, it is not quite the same AFC if you are not beating Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has been in the AFC Championship every year in his career, and the Chiefs are in a position to make another playoff run. Still, if they face the Ravens, they will have to be on the road, which is huge for a Chiefs team that always plays home playoff games. 

While they are getting the Chiefs at their worst, all that means is this is the year to strike. Someone has to take advantage, and they cannot just let the Chiefs get hot late and prove that they can win in the playoffs at their worst versions. 

Still, the Ravens would probably feel best if they could avoid Kansas City. The good news is that the Chiefs are most likely going to be the third seed. That means that there is a slim chance that the Ravens will see the Chiefs until the AFC Championship if the Chiefs even got that far.

If there is a game with a six-seed against the Chiefs, fans should root for the six-seed. If Miami is the number two seed, the Ravens would probably rather see them than the Chiefs in the AFC championship. However, there may be one team that will be just as tough as Kansa City this year.