Anonymous NFL scouts say Ravens once again poised to have elite NFL Draft

The Ravens' class is deep and talented.
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens finished up adding to yet another strong 2024 NFL Draft class. In addition to Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins coming in the first round, Washington's Roger Rosengarten and Penn State's Adisa Isaac rounded out a very strong first two days.

It's hard to complain too much about the Ravens' Day 3 performance, as Devontez Walker and TJ Tampa in the same fourth round is a miraculous stroke of good fortune. They even managed to land a new backup quarterback for the future in sixth-round pick Devin Leary.

The Ravens appear to be on their way to yet another class at the very top of the league's hypothetical rankings, as scouts are fawning over the overall group and Wiggins in particular.

"There's a lot of buzz from scouts I'm talking to about who won, who lost the draft. They bring up Baltimore," ESPN's Jeremy Fowler said on SportsCenter. "This is another year where they got a really good first-round steal because he wasn't necessarily the top cornerback in the mock drafts, but several scouts I talked to say they had him as the premier guy based on his cover skills ability."

Baltimore Ravens' 2024 NFL Draft hyped up by NFL scouts

Wiggins will be the piece that ultimately determines just how high the ceiling is for this class. The 6-2 corner with excellent speed will likely figure out a way to become an instant starter, which will help an already deep Ravens defense remain at or near the top of many defensive categories.

While Rosengarten my not have had the same level of hype some Day 2 tackles came into the draft with by virtue of being a left tackle, everything about Michael Penix Jr's blindside protector suggests he will become a high-end pass blocker in the league without too much of an adjustment period.

Isaac should waste no time getting on the field in certain pass rush situations, and Walker has already earned himself a comparison to Ravens great Torrey Smith from DeCosta himself. Tampa even being available in the fourth round was a gift from on high, and the Ravens didn't hesitate to pounce.

The Ravens have had their misses, but they generally have done a great job of finding value in the first round and stealing talent later on in the draft. If these scouts' intuition is proven right, the Ravens will replace a deep outgoing free agent class with multiple starters at key positions.