3 areas of the Baltimore Ravens that could get exposed at San Francisco 49ers

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2. The Baltimore Ravens have two defenders that Kyle Shanahan will attack 

The San Francisco 49ers are a team that can carve you up over the middle of the field. If you do not have the safeties and linebackers to make plays, you are going to get exposed. On paper, the Ravens can match up, but two names stand out as big questions. 

First, Geno Stone is playing much worse with Marcus Williams healthy. Williams is on the injury report this week, and if he does not play, there is not much concern with Stone at free safety. However, at strong safety, he is much worse in coverage and as a tackler. Once he creeps into the box, the 49ers will send George Kittle and Christian McCaffrey at him. 

The same issue can apply to Patrick Queen. In the first six weeks of the season, his missed tackle rate was 6.4%. In the last six weeks, it is over 24%. His play is regressing at the worst time because he gets a 49ers team that makes tacklers miss at the highest rate. 

Beyond Kittle and McCaffrey, Kyle Shanahan will motion Deebo Samuel into the mix to freeze linebackers from committing to one side. This will bring out the worst in Queen, who struggles when he has to process more. 

The Ravens have two questions in the middle of their defense, and the 49ers are just the team to test this.