3 areas of the Baltimore Ravens that could get exposed at San Francisco 49ers

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1. Is the Baltimore Ravens run defense ready for the San Francisco 49ers?

The Baltimore Ravens defense has been elite, but mostly, it has been against the pass. They stop the run when they need to, but they are not consistent in this area. For instance, they rank 4th in success rate allowed on passing plays, but they rank 17th in success rate on rushing attempts. 

This is an issue against a 49ers rushing attack that can only rival the Baltimore Ravens as the best in the NFL. Beyond being their weakness, they have hardly been tested in this area. 

The Chargers, Jaguars, Texans, and Titans are all in the bottom ten in rushing success, while the Steelers, Browns, and Bengals rank 18-20th. Meanwhile, the only two top-ten rushing attacks they have faced are the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams. 

The Lions were missing two starters on the offensive line, and running back David Montgomery was out. Meanwhile, the Rams had Kyren Williams run for 115 yards on 24 attempts, and the team forced overtime with a 31-point outburst. One of the questions was why did the Rams go away from the run. 

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So, will the Ravens run defense step up? The past shows that they may not, considering this 49ers group is much closer to the Rams, or better than the Rams than the Lions.