3 areas Baltimore Ravens must clean up to remain contenders

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The Baltimore Ravens are sitting at 4-2, but all fans know that they not only should have a better record, but they know that this team can play a lot better than they have. Too often, it feels like the Ravens get in their own way and cost themselves more than teams beat them. What are some of the areas that are setting this team back right now?

3. The Baltimore Ravens have to stop the drops and the fumbles

The Baltimore Ravens rank third in the NFL in fumbles lost. They only rank ninth in turnovers because Lamar Jackson has not thrown many interceptions. They also rank 16th in the rate of drives that end in a turnover. However, a lot of that comes back to the fact that these fumbles tend to devastate the team.

A Kenyan Drake fumble against the Colts cost the team momentum, and a Lamar Jackson lost fumble led to quick points. A fumble by Justice Hill against the Pittsburgh Steelers felt like the play that swung the game in that loss as well.

Worse than the Hill fumble was the drops by the pass catchers. In general, the Ravens still need to see more from their pass catchers. They are playing Nelson Agholor more than some fans expected because neither Odell Beckham nor Rashod Bateman has been able to step into that role yet.

Mark Andrews has always been one of the best tight ends in the NFL, but he has also been known for the occasional drop in a contested catch situation or even in a jump ball spot in the end zone.

These have been issues with the pass catchers in the past. Jackson is fumbling more often, and the Ravens' running backs are not protecting the ball. These turnovers will crush them against the best teams.