3 areas Baltimore Ravens must clean up to remain contenders

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Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans, Justin Tucker
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2. The Baltimore Ravens must convert more drives into scores

The Baltimore Ravens currently rank in the top five in explosive play rate, but they rank 16th in converting drives into scores. Explosive plays lead to points so often that it is hard to see these things uncorrelated.

That is partly because of the fumbles and drops that we mentioned above. Still, the offense seems to get into a funk where they get too smart and get ahead of themselves as well. The Ravens were executing as well as anyone in the red zone during the first few weeks, but they could not consistently get to the red zone.

In the last two weeks, the team has got to the red zone and failed to convert touchdowns. It feels like things are slowly coming together, but slow is the key word. Between Todd Monken being new, the pass catchers being injured, Lamar Jackson having some costly fumbles, and the running backs joining in the turnovers, this offense is a touch disjointed. Can the Ravens see things finally come together in the coming weeks?