3 areas Baltimore Ravens must protect to avoid an upset at Pittsburgh Steelers

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Pittsburgh Steelers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers, George Pickens
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2. The Baltimore Ravens must avoid splash plays

The Pittsburgh Steelers sit at 2-2, and you can argue that they are lucky to be there. Some of it has to do with the teams they were playing, as the Raiders and Browns got in their own way too often. At the same time, the Steelers seem to know exactly when to hit the timely play.

Against the Cleveland Browns, they scored three touchdowns. One was a pick-six by Alex Highsmith, one was a fumble return for a touchdown by T.J. Watt, and the other was a 71-yard touchdown by George Pickens. The Steelers did little besides rely on two key defensive plays and a splash play on offense. Against the Raiders, they leaned on a 72-yard touchdown by Calvin Austin. Without these game-changing plays, they do not have much to speak of when it comes to scoring points.

The Baltimore Ravens are good here, but they lost to the Indianapolis Colts in the same manner. A missed kick here and a fumble there gave the Colts just enough life. It also cost the Ravens just enough drives. This cannot be a consistent theme for this team, especially after we saw it already.