3 areas of the San Fransisco 49ers where the Baltimore Ravens can dominate 

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1. Will the San Francisco 49ers run defense hold up against the Baltimore Ravens?

The San Francisco 49ers live off of their pass defense. As we noted, it is their vaunted pass rush that crushes any team that tries to push the ball down the field. However, they have a weakness in run defense. According to RBSDM.com, they rank 5th in expected points added in the passing game but 29th in the running game. They rank 8th in success rate allowed in the passing game but 21st in the rushing game. 

They have a clear strength that they lean on, and it works. However, the Ravens come into the game with one of the best and unique rushing attacks in the NFL. It is a different beast to defend. They lean on it, and it opens things up because it limits the pass rush. This could be extra tough on the 49ers. 

It may be even worse when you realize the 49ers had to play their last game without their starting defensive tackles, both Arik Armstead and Javon Hargrave. The thought is that they missed last week against Arizona to ensure health this week. Still, that is not a given, and neither will it be completely healthy. 

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The Ravens have a chance to win this game by getting a push on a weakened 49ers front that is already more headstrong on stopping the pass. Is this the perfect matchup for the Ravens?