Baltimore Ravens 2023 game-by-game record prediction

What record will the Baltimore Ravens have in 2023?

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As we get ready for the season, what will the Baltimore Ravens record be? The expectations are high, and now it is time to find out how they will perform. So let's go through each game and find out what the Ravens record will be.

Week 1 Baltimore Ravens vs Houston Texans

The Houston Texans offensive line is in a point where the Baltimore Ravens should roll in this one and move to 1-0.


Week 2 Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

The thought is that the Bengals and Ravens will probably split. The Ravens have been able to win in Cincinnati over the years, but with them sitting at 1-0, they may get knocked off early as the offense sorts itself out with a new coordinator.


Week 3 Baltimore Ravens vs Indianapolis Colts

The Baltimore Ravens should be well-equipped to defend Anthony Richardson, and the Colts' defense should not be able to contain Lamar Jackson and his skill players. The Ravens cruise to 2-1.


Week 4 Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns

Another tough division game early in the season. DeShaun Watson plays well, and Nick Chubb breaks some runs as the Browns win.


Week 5 Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Ravens cannot go 0-3 on the road, and they fight hard to squeak one out in Pittsburgh. The early schedule gauntlet is grueling, and it is fair to think that 3-2 is an impressive start setting up for a strong finish.


Week 6 Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans

This is a tough schedule ask. A third straight road game, and after two division games, they get Mike Vrable and his physical bunch. The Ravens cannot hold up in this one.


Week 7 Baltimore Ravens vs Detroit Lions

The Lions are the team that everybody loves, and they love their toughness. However, after playing Pittsburgh and Tennessee, Detroit still looks like the imposters, and Baltimore out-toughs them in a bounce-back win at home.


Week 8 Baltimore Ravens at Arizona Cardinals

Will Kyler Murray suit up for this game? This is probably close to his return, although he tore his ACL in December, so he may not even be back this week.


Week 9 Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are in a tough spot, having to travel east, and the Ravens are starting to get hot after a grind to start the season. This game will test the Ravens' secondary as the Seahawks wide-outs could cause a scare.


Week 10 Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

They split with the Browns here, taking the home game


Week 11 Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals

After the Bengals beat them in week one, Lamar Jackson and his company get their revenge in week two.


Week 12 Baltimore Ravens at Los Angelas Chargers

The Baltimore Ravens had just won five straight and could be feeling themselves. Still, their defense will be put to the test here, and with a bye week looming, they may drop a game before a much-needed break.


Week 14 Baltimore Ravens vs Los Angelas Rams

Cooper Kupp should be healthy, but Matthew Stafford may be out by this point. Beyond that, the Rams defense looks like a mess.


Week 15 Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars

The Ravens get some revenge after leading through three-quarters last season only to see Trevor Lawrence pull off his fourth-quarter magic. This time, the Ravens hold it down.


Week 16 Baltimore Ravens at San Francisco 49ers

Going from the Jaguars on the road out to San Fransisco is tough, and the offenses are much different. This is a game that could catch the Ravens.


Week 17 Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins

After facing San Francisco, the Mike McDaniel offense looks familiar. Also, Miami is coming to a cold and potentially wet environment. The Ravens should win.


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Week 18 Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers lost at home to Baltimore in this, and they may have a playoff spot on the line. They get the Ravens, and the two split, a common occurence in the rivalry.


Baltimore Ravens Final Prediction: 11-6