Baltimore Ravens 2023 roster ranking: No. 46 Justice Hill

What role does Justice Hill have with the Baltimore Ravens entering the 2023 season?

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The Baltimore Ravens season is getting closer as we get closer to the top of the rankings. This ranking looks into which players are the most valuable for the 2023 season. We are into the top 53 and closing in on number 45. Today, we are at 46 Justice Hill.

Baltimore Ravens 2023 roster ranking: No. 46 Justice Hill

Justice Hill is a fourth-round pick entering his fourth season in the NFL. Still, over the course of his career, he had 547 rushing yards and 148 receiving.

So, he has not been a valuable weapon on offense, but he has found a role. Last year he played 229 special teams snaps, and he had 218 special teams snaps the year before that. Of his 596 career snaps, he had run 329 routes, he has 144 snaps as a blocker, and then just 123 as a runner. Needless to say, he has a role, and the last thing the team asks him to do is play running back.

This helps and hurts him. First, he will beat out a guy like Keaton Mitchell for a roster. The main reason is that Mitchell will come into training camp raw as a blocker and a special teams option. He will need to beat out Hill in both areas and will be an underdog in each situation.

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Still, this does not raise the ceiling high for Hill. The Baltimore Ravens signed Melvin Gordon, understanding that even if Hill makes the roster, they do not want him running the ball much. So, he can have his spot on the roster, and the fact that he will be active every week and contributing gets him inside the top 50.

However, it is hard to push him much higher than some of the lower players who are active every week, because his biggest role will be special teams.