Ravens 2024 Mock Draft: Giving Lamar Jackson what he deserves after AFC Championship loss

The offseason awaits for the likely 2-time MVP.

Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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. . 4. player. 431. Christian Mahogany. Christian Mahogany. Christian Mahogany. . OG

Staying with the offensive line, Baltimore selects a second one back-to-back in Boston College's Chrstian Mahogany. Unlike Puni, Mahogany is a true interior lineman. At 6-foot-3 and 322 pounds, Mahogany sports a strong, compact frame that can also move well in pulling situations.

Overall, Mahogany is a mauler. He plays with a nasty, physical and punishing style that you love to see from interior linemen. Mahogany is the type to deliver finishing-type blows to opposing defensive linemen. If he hits you just right, you're done for the remainder of the play. That's the type of player I want on this gritty Ravens roster.

DT. . . Jordan Jefferson. Jordan Jefferson. 5. player. Jordan Jefferson. 529.

Not to be confused with former LSU great Justin Jefferson (and also not related), Jordan Jefferson comes to Baltimore here in the fifth round as the best player on the board and yet another weapon to deploy within this front seven.

This past season, the Ravens were a bit vulnerable against the run at times. Jefferson was one of the better run defending interior linemen in the SEC, and that's saying something. Giving this front another rotational lineman is always a plus, and Jefferson feels like a strong value here.