Baltimore Ravens: 3 candidates to be the third QB on roster in wake of new rule

Baltimore Ravens, Anthony Brown
Baltimore Ravens, Anthony Brown / Kirk Irwin/GettyImages
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Monday, NFL owners approved a new bylaw that will allow teams to carry a third quarterback on game day, which could greatly impact a team like the Baltimore Ravens.

The rule will allow a third quarterback to be active without taking up one of the 46 spots on the game day roster, however it only applies specifically to game days. In addition, this quarterback cannot be a practice squad call-up. It must be a quarterback on the team's active roster.

Therefore, teams are able to activate a different player from the practice squad each week on game day.

Baltimore could choose to carry three quarterbacks during the regular season, and if they do, they certainly have options for whom that might be.

Candidates to be Baltimore Ravens third QB on roster: Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown is currently a member of the Ravens as he was last year, after going undrafted out of Oregon. The former Boston College transfer was signed to the Ravens' practice squad last year after originally being cut before the regular season.

Brown actually appeared in some game action following an injury to Tyler Huntley, who was already replacing an injured Lamar Jackson. With the Ravens' injury luck at the quarterback position, Brown would serve as a very valuable quarterback on this roster.

Having already known the offense for a year, Brown might make the most sense as a third option. He'd bring a year of knowledge, plus chemistry with all of his teammates from a year ago. If the Ravens didn't decide to go with Brown as their third quarterback, they have additional options as well.