Baltimore Ravens: 3 takeaways from Lamar Jackson's comments on new offense

Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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Wednesday, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson told reporters how excited he was about his new offense under coordinator Todd Monken. He explained what differences we might see with just a simple answer.

"Less running and more throwing," Jackson said, per ESPN.

Jackson was also asked if he believes his rushing attempts would be dialed back this coming season under Monken's leadership.

"Absolutely. Especially with the receivers we have."

Knowing that Monken is set to bring a more balanced offense that features a lot more passing, and that the Ravens went out and loaded up on weapons for Jackson, we can take three specific things away from this conversation.

Odell Beckham Jr. is going to be heavily involved in the new Ravens offense

Odell Beckham Jr. took his time in finding a new NFL home. He likely had a few different offers out there, but for him to choose the Ravens meant a couple of things.

First, he had to know the Lamar Jackson deal was going to get done. Second, he had to believe in the ofense. With Monken now in charge, the Ravens' scheme is going to look different, and will allow Beckham to be featured.

The Ravens wouldn't have offered Beckham such a lucrative deal if they didn't plan on getting him the ball early and often this season. They know that, if he's healthy, Beckham can still be a game changer for this team. He's still a crafty route runner. He's still explosive. And, he's still got those unbelievable hands.

Everything is set up for Beckham to get himself back up over that 1,000 yard mark and, possibly, double-digit touchdowns in 2023.