Baltimore Ravens: 3 takeaways from Lamar Jackson's comments on new offense

Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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Lamar Jackson's prediction might have sounded silly, but the Ravens quarterback was making a point

A few weeks ago, Lamar Jackson told reporters that he wanted to throw for 6,000 yards. Now, while that sounded hilarious at the time, I think fans should take that quote with a grain of salt, knowing what it actually meant.

Jackson is obviously excited to be a Raven for the long haul, and he's excited about the arrival of Monken. This new offense is going to allow Jackson to showcase his ability to pass the football on a more regular basis.

Again, with the weapons Baltimore now has, Jackson is in line for what should be a career year. Everything has aligned for him to do so. If we thought he was special during his MVP season, Jackson has the chance to look even better in 2023 if everything goes right.

First and foremost, of course, he has to stay healthy. If he and Beckham are able to stay on the field, there's no reason why he can't throw for over 4,000 yards. Sure, that's not 6,000. But, let's get a bit more realistic. Jackson, in all reality, wants to throw for more yards than he's ever thrown for. And, that's a possibility with this new offense and the arsenal he has at his disposal.

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