Baltimore Ravens: 3 unrealistic expectations for Lamar Jackson in 2023

Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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Right now, all the talk is around the Baltimore Ravens' offseason workout program.

Fans want to keep up with every aspect of the offseason, and we'll take whatever nuggets we can get. At the moment, Lamar Jackson is one of the players not present for the voluntary portion of the workouts. However, we can bet that the newly-paid star quarterback is going to be there when it matters most.

Going into this all-important season following his shiny, new extension, Jackson is primed for maybe his best year yet. Adding Odell Beckham Jr. and Zay Flowers should prove to be big moves for his overall game.

But, are some of us putting unrealistic expectations on the shoulders of the former leage MVP? There might be reason to tone down on some of them, and here are a few to think on.

Unrealistic expectation for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in 2023: Throw for over 4,000 yards if healthy

Adding weapons like Beckham and Flowers are going to help tremendously, but Jackson is still not a big-time passing quarterback. He never has been. Looking at his history in the NFL, he's only thrown for over 3,000 yards once in his career.

Sure, he's got the best arsenal of weapons he's ever had. But again, his career-high for passing yards came back in his second season when he finished with 3,217 yards in 15 games.

Realistic expectation for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in 2023: Throw for 3,500 yards

If you were to take that career-high and stretch it out to 17 games, then passing for 3,500 yards is certainly realistic. The Ravens will still run the football a good amount, between Jackson and the running backs. But, if he plays in all 17 games, throwing for 3,500 yards while rushing for 600-800, if not more, is within the cards.