Baltimore Ravens: 5 best moves of the offseason

Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages
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2. Zay Flowers could be exactly what this Ravens offense needed

Speaking of speed and agility, the Ravens' drafting of Zay Flowers is another move that's going to prove to be lethal for this offense. Look, Baltimore is a run-first team. They have been for years, now. Jackson is obviously always a threat with his legs.

J.K. Dobbins, Gus Edwards and company are more then capable of grounding and pounding the snot out of opposing defenses. This is a nitty, gritty offense that's used to being physical on the ground, with Jackson's fireworks sprinkled in here and there.

Now, you are adding a pair of lightning-quick wideouts, both a veteran and a rookie, to that type of offense. It's going to dramatically change things. Flowers might be a rookie, but he could have one of the biggest impacts out of any rookie wide receiver, if not the absolute biggest impact of them all.

Flowers is one of those players who just needs the ball in his hands, and a little bit of space, and he can do the rest. Jackson is going to love the amount of pressure taken off of him from both Flowers and Beckham, but the rookie is going to be around for quite some time.