Top 3 ways Baltimore Ravens can beat the Houston Texans in Week 1

The Baltimore Ravens need to get after C.J. Stroud and control the football to win week one
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Broderick Washington, Baltimore ravens
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2. Baltimore Ravens have to dominate the trenches

The Houston Texans' offensive line is their strength and weakness at the same time. When they are going, Laremy Tunsil and Tytus Howard form one of the best tackle pairings in the NFL. However, Tytus Howard is out for this game. This is a massive blow but is not the end.

Their starting center, Juice Scruggs, is out. Their starting left guard, Kenyon Green, is out. The backup for both spots was David Quessenberry; now he is out. So, it looks like the team will be relying on Jarrett Patterson, a sixth-round rookie, as well as Kendrick Green, a player who was just traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers before Pittsburgh cut him.

The Ravens will have four players up front on their interior. Between Michael Pierce, Travis Jones, Justin Madubuike, and Broderick Washington, they have to dominate the trenches. Pierce is looking to show that he still has it after an injury. Jones needs a strong year two to prove he can start in the NFL. Washington just earned a contract and wants to prove it, while Madubuike is a free agent after this year with life-changing money on the line. All of them have reasons to dominate this game other than the matchup being in their favor. If this is not an easy win for the Ravens, it will be because these four did not do their jobs upfront.