Top 3 ways Baltimore Ravens can beat the Houston Texans in Week 1

The Baltimore Ravens need to get after C.J. Stroud and control the football to win week one

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1. Will Lamar Jackson feel comfortable in the Baltimore Ravens new offense?

The talk all offseason has been about how this new offense will be so much better for Lamar Jackson. On paper, it will take Jackson to a new level, and he will be able to be unleashed after Greg Roman held him back. It sounds great, but now we get to see it.

Monken had success in the NFL, but he is coming from college. Does it take a few games to adjust? This is all new to Jackson, and he did not play in the preseason. Are there a play or two where he just feels uncomfortable? If so, those are the small things that can keep Houston in this game.

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Their defense is young, but it has some playmakers. Derick Stingley is now in a better scheme for his skills, and Jalen Pitre had a nice rookie season on the back end. Of course, we all know about Will Anderson, and he could hit the ground running. Beyond that, Demeco Ryans has established himself as a name who is one of the best defensive coaches. If the Ravens come out sloppy and unorganized, Ryans and his team will not quit and will take advantage. If Monken and Jackson look like they are in sync, the Ravens should win this game going away.

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