6 Baltimore Ravens benefiting the most from the bye week 

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2. The Baltimore Ravens wide receivers should be hot in the playoff run 

When Mark Andrews went down, the Ravens needed everyone to step up in his absence. Two huge names who have played better include Zay Flowers and Odell Beckham. These two have been playing their best in recent weeks, but both of them are very happy to know that they not only got last week against the Steelers off, they also have this week off. 

Zay Flowers looked like he was hitting a rookie wall before the week 13 bye week. Then, he came out of the bye week and has been playing his best football. Still, he is a rookie, so this is much later than he has ever played football in a season. Also, he is dealing with a calf injury that ensure he would miss the week 18 matchup. 

Flowers should be healthy enough to return, but the two weeks off are huge for his health and also his entire mentality as a rookie. 

Odell Beckham has been relatively healthy, but at his age and coming off an ACL injury, as well as a history of other injuries, it is good to see that he is not only healthy but also coming into the final stretch of the season fully healthy. 

Beckham has flashed in the playoffs before, and nothing should be holding him back from playing his best football. It was paramount to get him to the playoffs healthy and not rusty, and he looks to be at his best and healthiest at the right time.