6 Baltimore Ravens benefiting the most from the bye week 

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1. The Baltimore Ravens tackles get a much-needed week off 

It was a bit of a surprise to see the Baltimore Ravens offensive tackles, Morgan Moses and Ronnie Stanley, playing in week 18, even if neither plays much more than 50% of the snaps. Moses was at 51%, and Stanley was at 39%. 

Still, this is the benefit of knowing that they have a bye week. The Ravens know that they cannot afford for Ronnie Stanley to get rusty. They want him to keep progressing on the field and getting comfortable out there. However, they want to keep him healthy. This is the best of both worlds. He was limited, he played, and he still gets a week off. The same can be said for Morgan Moses. 

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There will be a question about whether or not the Ravens will continue this platoon in the playoffs. However, as of now, the group will enjoy this week off after another week of platooning.