5 reasons Baltimore Ravens could have best defense in the NFL in 2023

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4. Kyle Hamilton next to Marcus Williams could be a match made in heaven

Speaking of a player in year two, the Baltimore Ravens have to be thinking that they are about to see some big moments from Kyle Hamilton. When they drafted him 14th overall in the 2022 NFL Draft, they did so without even having a need. They just knew he was the best player on the board.

So, he did not play the position he was supposed to play during his rookie season. He was a jack of all trades last season and essentially played everything but strong safety. Now, this year, he will be a strong safety with Marcus Williams.

This has the chance to be an elite pairing. First, we know that Marcus Williams is good. Even last year he had near-elite numbers, and that was in a new defense as well. Beyond that, Williams also missed time during the middle of the season with an injury.

Kyle Hamilton got better as the year went in his role, and what makes him dangerous now is that he can now slip into all of those sub-roles while being a strong safety. Teams will have a hard time identifying him, and it allows the Ravens to get a lot more creative in their multiple defensive backs looks.

The Baltimore Ravens now have Marcus Williams in the same defense and role for the second straight year. Hamilton is in his second year but first in this new role. If both of them progress and their skill sets mesh on the field like they do on paper, this duo is about to be elite and will only improve as the year progresses.