5 reasons Baltimore Ravens could have best defense in the NFL in 2023

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Broderick Washington, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Big names upfront are playing for contracts with the Baltimore Ravens

We talked about the linebackers being better; we think the safety play will improve, but what about the guys upfront? Two key names must be considered when thinking of a Ravens' defensive explosion. That is Broderick Washington and Justin Madubuike.

What is nice about these guys is that they have both improved every year, and both of them are coming off of their best season. However, both of them also have so much room to grow, and the best has not been seen yet.

Beyond that, they both have a lot on the line this season. While they both may end up getting extended before the season, they both are looking for contract extensions. So, in the case of both of them, they could turn down a contract knowing that the best is still ahead of them.

For Madubike, he is now trusted as the best pass rusher along the interior, and he has to step up for Calais Campbell. For Washington, you are looking at someone who had to fill in at the nose for Michael Pierce a lot.

Pierce is back, and Travis Jones is in year two, so the Ravens also will be asking Washington to move around and fill in for Calais Campbell. Washington has answered every call, and now he will be asked to play a bigger role. Both of these players are ready for it and have proven it, and now they have a chance to cash in if they have bigger years. With two big names potentially breaking out at the same time, it could be massive for Baltimore.