5 reasons Baltimore Ravens could have best defense in the NFL in 2023

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2. The Baltimore Ravens got a lot younger with room to grow

The one case for a negative year from the Baltimore Ravens defense is seeing the bigger names go. As we noted Calais Campbell will need two names to fill those shoes. Beyond that, Marcus Peters, and Chuck Clark are mainstays of the older defense. They are gone now. Even Justin Houston and Jason Pierre-Paul are huge names that made the depth of this defense go.

However, for all of the big names, sometimes there is a need for transition, as the names slowly become too old and fade out. The Ravens have young names fired up and ready to step into each role.

As we noted, Madubuike and Washington are both entering their fourth season. This is the right time to put more on both of their shoulders and have them fill in for Calais Campbell. Asking Washington to move out of the nose means second-year Travis Jones is primed to step up. More youth.

Kyle Hamilton will fill in for Chuck Clark, allowing Geno Stone and Brandon Stephens to play more. They are not the name value that Clark was, but both are much younger and ascending into the role, while Clark will slowly fade out.

The younger Rock Ya-Sin replaced Marcus Peters, and even guys like Kyu Blu Kelly and Trayvon Mullen added depth at a cheaper price and younger age. Lastly, the edge depth of JPP and Houston is no longer needed when you hope that second-year player David Ojabo is ready to break out. Many saw Ojabo as a first-round talent with an injury that pushed him that far.

So, Ojabo, Ya-Sin, Hamilton, Stone, Madubuike, and Washington are all much younger than the players and roles that were had before them. The names are not there, but it is time for these guys to become household names. The younger and faster defense will be much better if they can step up .