3 Baltimore Ravens who were at their best in week 7 win against Detroit Lions

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Atlanta Falcons v Baltimore Ravens, Ronnie Stanley
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2. Ronnie Stanley is looking better for the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are finally getting their offensive line looking good. It is not a surprise that the Ravens are 3-0 when all five of their projected starters play. In the last two weeks, we have seen the team at their healthiest, and it may lead to even more wins.

Ronnie Stanley has been a key cog in the injury issues. Stanley played week one but left with an injury that held him out weeks two through four. He came back in week five but looked rusty. Now, the last two weeks have been his best. The Ravens were without Morgan Moses in week five as well as Moses and Stanley as the book ends in weeks six and seven, we see what this offense can do.

Stanley looks like the rust is off, and he is getting closer to being back to his old self. We may never see the All-Pro days, but we may still get to see a Pro Bowl-caliber player every once in a while. Stanley had his best game as a pass protector against the Lions and was a lead blocker on the Lamar Jackson touchdown run. His run blocking looked better in week seven than we had seen in a while. It would be huge if things could start to come together for Ronnie Stanley.