4 bold 2024 offseason predictions for Baltimore Ravens

Can the Ravens make these moves happen?

Baltimore Ravens, Justin Madubuike
Baltimore Ravens, Justin Madubuike / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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2. Ravens sign Derrick Henry in free agency

If there has been one major, possible acquisition that fans have loved to discuss over the last several months, it's that of Derrick Henry joining the Ravens. Last year, of course, he was involved in many trade rumors.

Now, Henry is a free agent and won't be returning to the Tennessee Titans. He still feels like he has a lot left in the tank, though, and the Ravens would be maybe the most perfect destination for him to end up at.

Obviously, the Ravens' back field has been an issue for a few years now, just due to how many injuries they have endured. Whether it's J.K. Dobbins, Gus Edwards, Justice Hill or now most recently, Keaton Mitchell, Ravens running backs have had a tough go the last few seasons.

Henry could come in as such a frightening force behind Lamar Jackson and bring the NFL's top run game to an even higher level. If Henry is in a spot where he wants a Super Bowl and also a chance to get ample playing time, then Baltimore is his best option. I will boldly predict he ends up on a fairly friendly deal for both he and the Ravens.