4 bold 2024 offseason predictions for Baltimore Ravens

Can the Ravens make these moves happen?

Baltimore Ravens, Justin Madubuike
Baltimore Ravens, Justin Madubuike / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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4. Baltimore re-signs Justin Madubuike

Some might be wondering how in the world the Ravens are able to re-sign these veterans, but as I said, Beckham will take a discount, first and foremost. As for Darby and Ya-Sin, because they're coming off seasons that saw them injured at times, they'll come a bit cheaper.

Now, Justin Madubuike is a different case. The Ravens will need to clear some cap space in order to give him the deal he's going to want and also deserves. According to Spotrac, the defensive lineman has a projected market value of over $20 million annually.

Baltimore can create upwards of $50 million in cap space this offseason by making a couple of cuts and some notable restructures, so it isn't impossible for them to be able to re-sign Madubuike. And, Madubuike means a whole lot more to this defense than the average fan might think.

His breakout season that saw him tally a career-high 13.0 sacks was also a year where he helped agains the run in a big way. He played all 17 games and was a factor in each and every one of them. You cannot easily replace a presence like Madubuike, and the Ravens won't have to. They'll bring him back.

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