Ranking 14 Baltimore Ravens bubble players fighting for 5 final roster spots

The Baltimore Ravens only have a few spots on the 53-man roster that are not locked down. Who are the best options to fill those spots?

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Tylan Wallace, Baltimore Ravens
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8. Tylan Wallace is right on the Baltimore Ravens edge

Tylan Wallace is going to be a tough test to see if he makes the roster. First, he may not even be in a competition. The Baltimore Ravens are going to keep five wide receivers, and they are Odell Beckham, Rashode Bateman, Zay Flowers, Nelson Agholor, and Devin Duvernay. So, the question may not even be about the battle, and it is more about whether will they even keep a sixth wide receiver.

He is now competing against the extra edge rusher, defensive lineman, or linebacker. More than that, he is not even a lock for the sixth wide receiver spot, which is why he is at number eight on our list. He played well on Saturday, hauling in a touchdown and getting work on special teams.

However, Laquon Treadwell has been in the mode of anything Wallace can do; he can do better. Treadwell has lit it up at training camp and was one of the best special teams assets on the field this week. He also has more unknowns, where the decision-makers may be about ready to give up on Wallace.

Treadwell may have a slight edge for the sixth wide receiver spot, and the sixth guy may not even make it. When you combine that together, Wallace is not just on the bubble, he is right outside the edge.