Ranking 14 Baltimore Ravens bubble players fighting for 5 final roster spots

The Baltimore Ravens only have a few spots on the 53-man roster that are not locked down. Who are the best options to fill those spots?

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Jalyn Armour-Davis, Baltimore Ravens
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7. Jalyn Armour-Davis is losing chances to make the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are losing cornerbacks left and right. It has the door wide open for someone like Jalyn Armour-Davis, but he cannot get healthy himself. The big issue with Armour-Davis is simply that he has not played much,

He was inexperience at Alabama, which is why he fell in the draft. He did not play in the preseason last year but was thrown into the fire in the regular season. Of course, he struggled, was benched, hurt, and did not play. So, now here he is with a prime chance to get on the field; as we noted, Kevon Seymour got over 50 snaps, and almost all of those could have gone to JAD.

Instead, he was hurt. This is crushing his chances to make the roster and increasing the chances that the team is going to sign an outside option or even trade a late pick for someone on the edge of another team's roster. They are not going to rely on Armour-Davis after he burned them last season and cannot get on the field this year.

He has barely practiced this week and is trending towards missing week two of the preseason. He may be even lower on this list next week.