Ranking 14 Baltimore Ravens bubble players fighting for 5 final roster spots

The Baltimore Ravens only have a few spots on the 53-man roster that are not locked down. Who are the best options to fill those spots?
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DeAndre Houston-Carson, Baltimore Ravens
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4. DeAndre Houston-Carson should be on the Baltimore Ravens 53-man roster

The Baltimore Ravens signed DeAndre Houston-Carson just a couple of days ago, and he hardly knows the playbook. It will be tough for him to get on the field by the week two game, but you would think that he is going to do it. That is because a roster spot is on the line.

DeAndre Houston-Carson is valuable because he played the dime safety role for the Chicago Bears the past two seasons. He also has stuck in the NFL since 2016 due to special teams.

First, his ability to play dime may be huge for the Ravens. It could allow him to step into a role that moves Kyle Hamilton into the slot. The team basically has to ask if DeAndre Houston-Carson is better than someone like Arthur Maulet or Ar'Darius Washington. He may make the team anyway.

An underrated storyline is that Geno Stone has not practiced in about a week. With Stone not practicing, and Brandon Stephens moving from safety to cornerback, the room just got very thin. That opens the door wide for DeAndre Houston-Carson to be in the top five players to make the final five roster spots.