Baltimore Ravens cannot trust this player when the playoffs come around

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Week 18 was all about the Baltimore Ravens getting a longer look at some of their depth. They were giving some players the chance to show that they can be trusted if an injury occurs or if their name is called upon to step up next year.  One big question was about running back. While the team has a depth name in Melvin Gordon, week 18 may have proved that he is not going to make any impact in the playoffs. 

The Baltimore Ravens cannot trust Melvin Gordon in the 2024 NFL playoffs

With Gus Edwards and Justice Hill getting their workload lessened for the playoffs, the Ravens turned to Melvin Gordon. Gordon had seven rushes for 18 yards. He also lost a fumble. Gordon has just 26 rushes this season, but he has totaled just 81 yards. His 3.1 yards per attempt rate is well below his career rate, which is 4.1 Also, his 30.8% success rate is well below his 45.8% success rate.

Gordon is worse than ever as a pass catcher and pass blocker. He is a major liability. This is important because while Edwards and Hill are ahead of him on the depth chart, that is a thin line. Both have injury histories, and neither have gone a full year of leading the rushing attack. 

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If anything happened to either in the playoffs, the Ravens would be very close to starting Gordon. That is why they signed Dalvin Cook. Do not be surprised if Cook gets the call-up from the practice squad and the Ravens make Melvin Gordon inactive once again when the playoffs come around. They may need to lean on depth when the playoffs come, but they cannot trust Melvin Gordon if it does come to that. That was made clear against the Steelers.