Baltimore Ravens: Colin Cowherd makes hilarious playoff prediction

This latest AFC playoff prediction proves shock jocks still exist, folks
Baltimore Ravens, Colin Cowherd
Baltimore Ravens, Colin Cowherd / Amy E. Price/GettyImages

Over the course of this offseason, the AFC North was able to get better, as a whole. An already difficult and brutal division to play within, the Baltimore Ravens still have a shot to come away with the title.

That would mean having to surpass the likes of the Cincinnati Bengals, who reign among the AFC's supreme. But, with the way things are coming together for this Ravens team on both sides of the ball, it's certainly possible.

Whether or not you agree that the Ravens have a shot at the division crown, one thing should be clear: Baltimore is, at the very least, the second-best team in the AFC North.

However, one particular analyst and radio host doesn't believe so.

Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd picked the Steelers to make the playoffs over the Ravens

"I believe the AFC has the best quarterbacks, with this being a quarterback-driven league."

We can unpack that in a moment, but Cowherd defended his Steelers over Ravens prediction in such a manner:

"If TJ Watt plays, they win... Last two years, they're 17-7 when he plays," Cowherd noted as his first reason. Secondly, Cowherd talked about Baltimore's injury woes.

"The Ravens' top six players, outside of Mark Andrews, all get hurt," Cowherd went on to say.

From there, he talked about how the Steelers ended last year.

"They (the Steelers) finished winning six of seven," was Cowherd's third reason.

In part, Cowherd is correct with these assessments. However, what he failed to acknowledge is an answer to the question, "What happens if the Ravens stay mostly healthy?"

If the Ravens stay healthy, and we're talking about Lamar Jackson and Odell Beckham Jr., then they should end up making the postseasn over Pittsburgh. If Cowherd's opionon on AFC quarterbacks is true, then that would mean Baltimore makes it in, right?

Kenny Pickett is no Lamar Jackson. Let's get that straight, real quick. Pickett has a ton left to prove. Both Baltimore and Pittsburgh should have great defenses this coming season, so it will come down to scoring points, and to think Pickett's offense will outscore Jackson's is hilarity.

Cowherd is out for what he's typically desiring, and that is attention. Well, Mr. Cowherd, you got your wish. And, you're still wrong.