4 Baltimore Ravens deserving of All-Pro honors in 2023

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The Baltimore Ravens are sitting at 10-3 on the season. With that in mind, they have to have some of the best players in the NFL. While so many teams are worried about how many Pro Bowlers they will be getting, the Ravens get to wonder how many All-Pros they can get onto the team. 

There are at least four players who could make the case for the All-Pro this season, and these players have a chance to cement that status over the next four weeks. 

4. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith is a lock for the All-Pro 

The Baltimore Ravens best defender is going to make the All-Pro. He made the All-Pro team last year, playing just half of a season with the Ravens. Now, he has a full season, and the defense is even better. The Ravens are in first place and heading to the one-seed, thanks to their defense. Everyone points to the Roquan Smith trade as the moment the defense has come together. 

Smith is one of the best tacklers in the NFL. He ranks third in the NFL in total tackles. However, where he impacts the game is in coverage and communication. It becomes hard to pass over the middle with Smith there, and he goes sideline to sideline. It gives everyone less responsibility and allows the safeties and Patrick Queen to sell out for turnovers more often. 

His communication has changed the trajectory of Queen’s career and will make him millions on the free agent market this offseason. When you look at the linebacker position, Roquan Smith and Fred Warner are there before you start to debate who is next. Smith is going to make his second All-Pro with the Baltimore Ravens.