4 Baltimore Ravens deserving of All-Pro honors in 2023

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3. Could Lamar Jackson be an All-Pro with the Baltimore Ravens?

There are only two quarterback spots, so it is hard to make the All-Pro here. Still, Lamar Jackson is firmly in the discussion for his second All-Pro season and the first since his MVP run. Usually, the All-Pro is pretty correlated to the MVP voting. The MVP has been given to the top quarterback for years, so the MVP and runner-up usually get these nods. 

Right now, Jackson is third in MVP voting. You may as well say that he is third in All-Pro voting as well. That is great news because he is firmly in the mix. Jackson has four games where he can start to change his fate. However, this is also an issue because the two names ahead of him seem to be hard to beat. 

Both Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott are strong co-favorites for MVP. That means that they will be strong favorites for first and second-team All-Pro. So, while Jackson could catch one of them, they are closer to each other than he is to them. 

These two have much stronger passing stats and much higher octane passing offenses. They are destined to finish with two of the best records, matching Jackson here as well. One thing Jackson does have going for him is a matchup head-to-head with Purdy to show his value on a national stage.

It is great that he will be in the conversation, but unless Jackson and the Ravens dominate Purdy and the 49ers when these two teams play on Christmas night, the Ravens quarterback may be destined for third in the MVP.