Baltimore Ravens: Did Lamar Jackson send a cryptic tweet?

Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages

While the league gets set for the 2023 NFL Draft this weekend, plenty of situations are far from resovled, which fans were hoping to have concluded before the draft, including that of the Baltimore Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson.

By now, most know about Jackson's ordeal. Having requested a trade, officially over a month ago, Jackson has been awaiting an offer from Baltimore in which he finds meets his needs. To this day, that hasn't happened, and it doesn't seem like either side has made progress.

Around the league, other situations are also unresolved and rumors continue to flow. Some of these situations could impact Jackson and the Ravens, such as a possible Trey Lance trade. The 49ers are now shopping Lance, and that could have some effect on Baltimore, as obviously the draft could as well.

Regardless of what happens this week and during the draft, it hasn't seemed like Jackson feels the love from Baltimore. General manager Eric DeCosta and the front office haven't done enough, in Jackson's eyes, to appease him. Friday evening, Jackson sent out a retweet that may have been a shot at DeCosta and said front office.

Did Lamar Jackson take a subtle shot at the Baltimore Ravens front office?

Now, this tweet could be a simple nod to the folks in Jackson's corner; i.e. his inner circle, key teammates, colleagues and family. Or, it could have a double meaning. If I was in Jackson's position, and attempting to think like he would be, there would have to be a piece of me that's directing a tweet like this at the organization.

In Jackson's eyes, he's done quite a bit for the Ravens organization. He's won an MVP, gotten them to the playoffs, and put his body on the line (quiet, critics) for the team. At the same time, the offense has been arguably bland and the organization hasn't done enough to put weapons around him. So, what would they expect other than an injury here and there?

Regardless of how you feel about Jackson and wanting him to stay or go, there is clearly a lot of pent up emotion between the two sides. It's a business, but athletes are human, too. Emotions can get the best of anyone, and at the same time, they are also valid.

How does this story end? Was the tweet meant for the Ravens, or anyone in particular? Who knows. But, hopefully the ending to this story happens soon enough, so that both sides can move forward in whichever direction they're meant to go.

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