Baltimore Ravens Draft: 4 possible Lamar Jackson replacements

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Does Lamar Jackson end up getting paid the way he wants to? Is it with the Baltimore Ravens? Did Jalen Hurts' contract extension help or hurt Jackson's cause?

There are a lot of unanswered questions for the Ravens and the fan base, right now, and some we may not get the answer to for quite some time. But, the Ravens do have a big opportunity ahead of them, just days away now.

With the 2023 NFL Draft coming up, Baltimore has the chance to go out and prove to Jackson that they, indeed, do not desire him to be around long-term, at least based on his demands.

Jackson wants the same guaranteed money Deshaun Watson received last offseason, and although Hurts' total deal was more than Watson's, the guaranteed money was less. That could wind up being the difference.

If the Ravens end up without Lamar Jackson for the 2023 season, the NFL Draft could provide his replacement

Should Eric DeCosta and the organization stick to their guns, Jackson will have to opt to play the 2023 season on the franchise tag. But, if he chooses to do so, the question becomes: does Jackson have a rookie breathing down his neck, making it easier for the Ravens to move on next offseason?

This might not be the same as a Packers, Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love situation we saw a few years back. But, something similar could unfold, here. Jackson could see the Ravens take their quarterback of the future, while the quarterback sits and waits for a better deal.

Then, what do both sides do? Does Jackson decide to play, ball out and prove the Ravens wrong? Does he sit out until he's traded?

Again, these are answers we don't know just yet. But, what we do know is that the Ravens have a few particular options to replace Jackson with, and at different levels within the draft. There are four, specifically, that make some sense.