Baltimore Ravens Draft: 4 possible Lamar Jackson replacements

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Possible Lamar Jackson replacements in the 2023 NFL Draft: Anthony Richardson, Florida

Lastly, and this is purely based on a bit of guess work, the Ravens could target Anthony Richardson. Plenty of rumors have stated Richardson could go in the top four picks, while others have he and Will Levis falling a bit. At this point, it's anyone's guess.

But, if I had to bet, it would be Bryce Young number 1 overall, and then C.J. Stroud as the next guy off the board. Whether Adam Schefter is correct on the second quarterback not being drafted until pick no. 4 still remains to be seen. But, if Richardson is there after the fourth overall pick, then Baltimore could get working on a trade.

Moving up from no. 22 to get inside the top six or seven picks would be tough, and would require at least two first-round picks to do so. But, the Ravens might be able to afford such a deal if Jackson ends up signing elsewhere, without Baltimore matching that deal. Should Jackson sign somewhere else, the Ravens get two first rounders from his new team. Then, things become interesting.

Richardson is a physical freak, and the closest thing this draft has to a Lamar Jackson. This offense is tailor-made for Jackson's skill set, and Richardson would fit like a glove. The man is 6-foot-4, 244 pounds and looks like an anatomy project. He ran a 4.43 at the Combine, leapt to a 40.5-inch vertical and has a cannon for an arm.

The physical tools are enticing, because they're all there and they're all exceptional. It's just up to the Ravens as to whether they believe he's worth moving up for, in the end.

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