Should Baltimore Ravens consider Emmanuel Forbes in round one?

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The Baltimore Ravens need to address cornerback in the 2023 NFL draft. Should they consider Emmanuel Forbes in round one of the 2023 NFL Draft? What is the best NFL comparison for Emmanuel Forbes?

Baltimore Ravens NFL Draft Profile: Emmanuel Forbes

Emmanuel Forbes hit the ground running and was on the field as a true freshman. He went on to play three seasons with the Bulldogs, starting in their zone-heavy scheme. Over his career, his yards per coverage snap dropped from 1.54 to 1.18 and down to 0.66 in his last season with the team.

For his career, he allowed 14 touchdowns but had 14 interceptions and added 17 passes broken up. He played 2,187 total snaps with 1,259 in coverage, mostly as a zone cornerback.

The weight is obviously the thing to watch for Emmanuel Forbes. It is surprising because he is so tall and long but he cannot add much weight and will be one of the thinnest players in the NFL when he gets drafted. Beyond that, he is explosive, but he better be at that weight.

How Emmanuel Forbes translates to the NFL

While Forbes mainly played zone coverage, he does have a lot of the traits that can make him a man corner in the NFL. While his weight can be an issue with his punch in press, he does use his length very well, and does a great job of getting his hands on the wide receiver first. He can be sticky in coverage and knows how to change speed well.

Beyond that, he is physical and wants to stick his head in there. Of course, at his size, you can say that his tackling is hit or miss. The desire is there, and that is needed, though. Beyond that, his play on the balls can come with kickbacks of coverage busts. He is often hunting for the big play, and at times can give it up on the back end.

NFL comparison for Emmanuel Forbes

There just are not many cornerbacks that small in the NFL so it is hard to find the right comparison. Jack Jones was drafted by the Patriots last year in the fourth round and weighed 171 pounds. He is small in the NFL and his upside is defined, but he has been able to get on the field. Forbes had much better tape in the NFL, and the weight of Jones could quell concerns that his weight will be an issue. Still, even Jack Jones is heavier.

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Should Baltimore Ravens draft Emmanuel Forbes?

Emmanuel Forbes goes about 38th overall in mock drafts. Still, in the back end of the first round, if you have your guy you should go get him. The Ravens could do that with Forbes. Still, the questions with the weight, and the reality that he still does give up a few big plays makes him look more like a second or third round pick. Perhaps the weight becomes an issue and he does fall to the Ravens next pick? At that point it is great value for a solid college player.