5 things we learned about Baltimore Ravens in 2023 NFL draft

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4. Baltimore Ravens are all-in on stacking the wide receiver position

One of the big reasons the Ravens were able to get a deal done with Lamar Jackson was Jalen Hurts and his contract. It gave the teams a bridge between DeShaun Watson and the other quarterbacks, and still had Jackson set the market.

However, another reason Jackson may have returned is the big additions of wide receivers. About a month ago we wondered if Nelson Agholor was the typical Ravens nonsense of filling their receiver room. Then, they added Odell Beckham Jr. Reports were that Lamar Jackson told them that Beckham and DeAndre Hopkins being on the team may make him reconsider his stance.

The Ravens got one, and with Hurts' deal done, it was enough. However, the Ravens were not done yet, either. They drafted Zay Flowers, who Lamar Jackson knew well before the 2023 NFL Draft. So, Jackson wanted two big-name wideouts, and while they could not afford Hopkins, Flowers is one heck of a consolation prize.

This pick shows the Ravens are all-in on Jackson as a passer now. They never gave him the proper wideouts during his time with the team, and now that he has a deal done, he has also his best wide receiver room yet. You have to credit DeCosta by not sticking with his usual plan of just Agholor. He went above with Beckham, and beyond with Flowers, and now this is the best the room has looked in years.