Top 3 Baltimore Ravens duds against Cincinnati Bengals in Week 2

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Rashod Bateman, Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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1. Can the Baltimore Ravens get more out of Rashod Bateman

This offseason, Lamar Jackson called Rashod Bateman the number receiver in this offense. Through two games, he is closer to the number four. It has been clear that Bateman is behind Odell Beckham and Zay Flowers in the pecking order. This has caused Bateman to move into the slot more than ever before.

Considering this is new, and he is coming off of an injury, the team may be easing him in, it may not be a huge surprise that Bateman is not a full-time player. So far, he has played just 58% of the snaps. That may even be boosted a bit because Beckham was injured, and the Ravens had to get him on the field more in his place.

Nelson Agholor has cut into the snaps of Bateman, and so far this year, Agholor has been better than Bateman. Agholor has run 22 routes to 40 by Bateman, but Agholor has 19 slot snaps to 16 of Bateman. Agholor is also at 2.86 yards per route run, while Bateman is at 1.23.

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The thought is that if Bateman is healthy and hitting his peak towards the end of the season, this is more important than anything else right now. However, right now, he is not bringing the Ravens much.

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