Baltimore Ravens: Each AFC North foe's most overrated player

Baltimore Ravens, Joe Mixon
Baltimore Ravens, Joe Mixon / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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We all love poking fun at division rivals, don't we? It's especially enjoyable within a black and blue division like the AFC North, and coming from a team like the Baltimore Ravens, who are notorious for playing tough, nitty gritty football.

Fans all over have nothing better to do then talk about the offseason, draft, summer workouts and training camp, and of course, banter back and forth while there's no real football for a while.

So, why don't we take our shots while we have the time?

Let's look at each AFC North rival's most overrated player.

Baltimore Ravens fans can agree Bengals RB Joe Mixon is overrated

In 11 career games versus the Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon has gone over 80 yards rushing just three times, and over 100 just once. For the most part, Baltimore has had nothing to be scared of when it comes to Mixon.

However, the rest of the NFL hasn't had much to be scared of, either. Yet, Mixon is looked at by many as a great running back. Great? Not necessarily. Good? Sure.

Mixon has finished under 4.0 yards per carry in three of his six NFL seasons, and that 4.0 yards per carry mark is a minimum expectation for starting running backs these days. In seven of those 11 games Mixon has played against Baltimore, for example, the Ravens have held him to under that mark. It's just who he is.

Is Mixon a well-rounded back? Of course. He can catch the ball, which is a plus. But, is he a top back in the NFL? Absolutely not. He's definitely replaceable, which is why that's been a rumor going around all offseason.