Baltimore Ravens: 3 early trade candidates for 2023 season

Baltimore Ravens, Rashod Bateman
Baltimore Ravens, Rashod Bateman / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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As the Baltimore Ravens get set for the more grueling part of their offseason program coming up, all we can do, as fans, is look ahead.

Baltimore did a fine job adding necessary pieces to this roster in order to stay competitive in 2023 and pursue a Super Bowl championship.

If we look further ahead, though, to this season, some questions start to emerge. One of the more important dates during the regular season has to do with the trade deadline. What could the Ravens decide to do around the deadline? Would they consider selling?

If they did, there are some players that could make sense to float out as possible trade bait. Which players are they, and what scenarios would have to prove to be true? Let's look at three in particular.

Rashod Bateman could be a Baltimore Ravens trade candidate in 2023

This might seem out of left field, but Rashod Bateman could be an intriguing trade target for some teams depending on what happens with the Ravens' receiving room going forward. There is one move the Ravens could end up making which would leave Bateman somewhat expendable.

Should Baltimore wind up signing veteran DeAndre Hopkins, it would leave Bateman with significantly less snaps and targets in 2023. Regardless of whether this is what's best for the Ravens, it wouldn't be what's best for Bateman. He likely wouldn't be happy. The Ravens would have Hopkins, Odell Beckham Jr. and Zay Flowers as their top three targets, with Nelson Agholor also hanging around.

If Hopkins landed in Baltimore, the Ravens could get a decent draft pick in exchange for Bateman, who would take a back seat to the former Cardinals wideout.